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Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis Starts in your brain with your nerves and takes over you body

multiple sclerosis kangen water

My Multiple Sclerosis…

and Kangen Water

I have had Multiple Sclerosis for a long time and have been misdiagnosed several times. In Aug 2011 I went into the hospital for 8 days because of headaches and came out with very little understanding about why I was sick. The Doctor asked me what my symptoms were for Multiple Sclerosis and I’m like… headaches and he said no. Then he proceeded to explain that there is no two people that has the same Multiple Sclerosis. They might share things wrong with them like “headaches” even though my Dr. said no to headaches and he is the head of the Local Hospital Group in Neurology, but a lot of other Neurologist say yes to headaches. So Multiple Sclerosis is like a catchers catch can, I guess.

 I had Old Lesions

multiple sclerosis kangen waterI listened to the Doctor and jumped on the bandwagon and learned to give myself shots of Avonex every week for about 8 months or so. Then I stopped and told on myself, once you shoot yourself with Avonex you will become sick, like the flu. Muscle pain and achy all over and tired, so very tired. And like the flu, it evolves in a 5-7 day cycle so come the seventh day, you take your shot and you get sick ALL over again.  I stopped Avonex  my doctor put me on Copaxone. From once a week to everyday. Every single day in a new place and watch the lump grow from the day before and the day before that. That lasted about 8 months and I stopped the Copaxone. My Doctor told me I had old lesions…Old Lesions??? So,I had another MRI and I also had New Lesions!!! All those Meds and New Lesions! Are You Kidding Me!!!  And the Side Effects of the drugs made for Multiple Sclerosis made MY life so much worse. 5 years off the drugs and I’m doing Okay. My last MRI had no new lesions, so that’s good.

A girl friend of mine found out that I had Multiple Sclerosis and wanted me to try Kangen Water. The office for Enagic is about 19-20 miles away with tolls. I did that once or twice and I couldn’t keep going to the office to get water. Every time I made the trip I went home and slept and slept, I crashed. I just could not handle going 40 miles round trip, interact with people and go home and be OK. That was just not in my MS system…my system shut down.

My girlfriend sent her husband aka my “boyfriend?” 🙂 lol we are good friends too, (if she is my girlfriend would he not be my boyfriend?) Anyway, she sent him and a Kangen Water SD501 machine SD501 multiple sclerosis kangen waterand set it up for me. That is when I learned that I did not drink water, I just sipped it. When you start keeping track of the amount you drink, that is when you really find out if you are a water person or not.

I learned since my Doctor asked about my symptoms, that my fatigue, my confusion and foggy thoughts, depression my headaches and did I say fatigue and the pain, shooting, stabbing, throbbing, stinging and spasms are all part of my Multiple Sclerosis. Not to mention I had to use my hands (which hurt a lot) to lift my legs (which hurt a lot) into and out of the car…they would not work on their own, that did pass but the pain in my hands and legs remained, and that was back in 2006 when my misdiagnoses started. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Depression. Go figure, Multiple Sclerosis magnifies depression. I remember being in my stupid doctor’s office crying my heart out over nothing and he did nothing…about it…did not talk about it. Walked in, wrote a prescription and walked out.

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How MS works

MS Gets on My Nerves…I was having a very hard time just getting out of bed when I started  drinking  Kangen Water, (Really drink it). The first thing I noticed was the fog started clearing and so many other things was happening. Like My New Doctor took me off my BP Meds and Cholesterol Meds. I was no longer Crashing every time I left my home and get back, I did, I used to Crash every single time I went to the store, (MS’s Fatigue) I couldn’t do anything, for years and years!  After I got better, and was truly getting better every single day, that was also when I started to regress…

I got busy, started doing things and not crashing that often. multiple sclerosis kangen water And then I realized…I had started sipping water again…So here we are, I crash more often and I found when you do get sick enough the first thing that happens is you don’t care anymore, nothing is worth the effort.

So, I went to the Doctors last week and did blood work, then I got a phone call from her. And she said this…

Alkalize Your Body“What are you doing? Your Blood Sugar has skyrocketed and your Cholesterol is out of control! You have three months, three months to get it together. GET BACK ON YOUR WATER NOW! Go on a diet and exercise!!!

My time is up, no more blowing it off cause that’s what you do when you’re sick, you blow off doing what you know you should. Too sick to care.

The first step to help MS or anything that is wrong with your body is to drink Kangen Water.

During that time your detoxing will begin. Just keep it up!

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