Kangen's 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water Kangen's 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water will clean your fruits and veggies.

Kangen Strong 11.5 Water for cleaning
Kangen Strong 11.5 Water for cleaning

Kangen 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water

They show you in the Demo how Kangen 11.5 Cleaning Water will clean your fruits and veggies. They tell you that the growers mix pesticides in with oil so the rain will not wash it away. True story, but does it take out real oil? Heavy oil not just sprayed on oil?    Y yes, yes it does.

I did all kinds of tests. I tested Olive oil on a washcloth, soaked it. It came out!

Kangen 11.5 water and Olive Oil StainI didn’t take a picture of the white washcloth to show you, I couldn’t find the one I put oil on…they all looked the same. I did a whole load of towels and washcloths, figured I would find a trace on the washcloth I oiled when I folded them and I didn’t. I used 4 cups of Kangen 11.5 Cleaning Water  in the wash. What you do is put in the cloths and let the wash fill and start agitating, then you put in the 4 cups of 11.5 High Alkaline Water and let wash, that’s it, that’s all. I added no soap at all, I didn’t even put in softener. Just washed in water and dried folded and never saw my J 7 washcloth. So, I started sprinkling Olive Oil on my towels so when I dry off, I don’t have to go back and rub oil over my body, it’s already there. Time saver! lol

I did take pictures of a frying pan and my stove after frying bacon. I will have to do that again and take more pictures because I can’t find the ones I did. Anyway, all I did was spray 11.5 on my stove and it didn’t smear it just wiped up clean and clear.

Clean jeans with Kangen 11.5 Water

Kangen 11.5 water Motor oil on jeansI did find the pictures I took of all the blue jeans my husband runes every time he works on our old cars. Pictures do not do justice to the jeans but I think you can see.

This is the first load I did and I used 5 cups of  Kangen 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water, just water no soap.

Check out the shorts, you can really see that there clean and the jeans behind them. I tried to lay out the jeans the same after they were cleaned.

Here is one pair of jeans. (Couple of Wow, he had a big job and he sure gets dirty! As you can see I have a gallon of milk in the Kangen 11.5 water One pair of jeans with lots of oilbasket however it is full of Kangen 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water.  Food grade container that blocks light. More on that coming soon. 😀

And here we are. Before and After. To see more pictures Click here


motor oil jeans will be cleaned with Kangen 11.5 watermotor oil jeans cleaned with Kangen 11.5 water

Take a look at the Image Gallery to see all the pictures I took for this page. I will add more as time goes by.

Now I did not and will not take a picture of my ear wax but the 11.5 works great!

I brush my teeth with both 11.5 and 2.5  Dr. Peggy Parker’s Water Protocol.

Also, you know the stickie stuff, grease and what have you on your upper cabinets? That stuff is so hard to get off but with the 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water, you just spray it and let it sit a few minutes, spray again and wipe off.

Works great on Glass, windows and mirrors, I use it all the time.