Thank you for visiting my Enagic's Kangen Water Site. It is the best water out there. Try Kangen today and find out for yourself! Kangen Water is as close to natural water as "Natural" Water was Thirty Five Hundred Years back! Kangen means "Return To Origin" and Alkalizing Water.

The World is Awakening to Kangen Water

 Kangen Water, What is all the talk about? 

Water is water, what is the BIG DEAL about

Kangen Water?

Our body’s are 75% Water, our blood is 92% Water. And the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. It does work, but it often needs help in getting over obstacles that block its way, like acid.

Ditch the Soda's

Illness is caused by acidic drink and food, like soda, (you would not believe how acidic soda, Gatorade and specialty water is!) Food we won’t talk much about now but Kangen Water is a game changer! Eating alkaline is a lot harder than just drinking Kangen alkaline… Raw veggies, no meat or Carbs…(I love Carbs) But drinking water is drinking water! How hard can that be? You just drink water. REALLY?…NO, I mean, REALLY NO!

And not just any water will do. Kangen Water is the best water out there and it is as close to naturalCertified Medical Device as let’s say Thirty Five Hundred years back so as close to natural water as  “Natural” Water was Thirty Five Hundred Years ago. Kangen means “Return to Origin” Natural clean water is nonexistent in this day and age. Kangen is a Certified Medical Device, it creates Alkalizing Water, check out Alkaline or Alkalizing Water

If you’re not a water person or you think you ARE a water person, you really don’t know until you actually measure the water you ARE drinking. I thought I was a water person until I started measuring the water I was drinking and I was not drinking the water I thought I was drinking.

Drinking Your WaterI carried water EVERYWHERE I went, therefore I thought I WAS a water person, but I was just a person carrying around water, I didn’t know I wasn’t really drinking the water, I was just carrying it around, sipping here, sipping there, sipping, sipping everywhere. I was not drinking water and I was using plastic water bottles! I carried a case of water in my trunk, no wonder I’m sick.

My first challenge was actually drinking the water instead of just carrying it around and sipping it. So, I now stand at the sink and drink 20 oz’s first thing in the morning no matter what and that is hard for me who sips water. I am trying to follow the Water Protocol and I also fill 5 20 oz BPA free food grade bottles and put them into the fridge for the day. That is almost a gallon, 120 oz’s and I know I need to drink more so I will work up to that.

I have had my SD501 for 4 years now and I’m still sick and getting worse!!!

So what am I doing wrong?

I have been sipping not drinking and not coming close to a gallon. Well to be honest, I did get a lot better at first then resumed in carrying water instead of drinking it.

SDrinking Your Water...o, FYI…This KANGEN WATER WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU DO NOT DRINK THE WATER! And I mean Really Drink The Water and flood your system 20 ounces or so at a time. 

Okay, we are going to go over just what Kangen water is in the Health Success Center and the for what is wrong with you and other uses for the water like Kangen Cleaning, washing, sanitising and so much more.  

So let’s get started!