Basic Trifecta!

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 Basic Compensation Plan 

This is the Trifecta that Brings Powerful Healing with the Kangen Water, the Kangen Shower, and the Kangen Ukon!

The Best Organic Turmeric in the World! 

Approximately 83% of ALL new MLM Companies are no longer in business after 2 years. Approximately an additional 6% are gone after 3 years.  And an additional 9% are gone after 5 years. 

It’s Frightening, but almost 90% of ALL new MLM’s Are out of business after 3 years

And here’s the Real Killer… 

LESS THAN 1%  of ALL MLM’s Actually Survive Longer Than 10 Years  

Enagic’s Conception was in 1974  42 Years Ago

3 Stages a Company goes Through

We Are In Momentum

The Enagic Business


Patented CompensationEnagic 8 PointThe 8 Point True Health SystemTrifecta Break Down



















That is a $870.00 in Profit!!!

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Regester and Click on the Entrepreneurial square and Step 5 .

Look for the Gold Plane.

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