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You all know I am not a blogger.
And if you don’t know, well…you should. 9 times out of 10 my posts are sent with no comment. But me I have an amazing story to tell. You know I have MS and this Water has done fabulous things for me. Well, I now have a story about my Husband. An amazing story, one that the people who are seeing his journey is amazed. It is truly unbelievable !!!

My Husband’s Story

My husband was a very very healthy man until he wasn’t. He went to the doctors every 3-6 months. Had all the tests a 72-year-old active man should have. But my husband would never drink my water, never. No matter how well I was doing on Enagic’s Kangen Water. He said my bottles didn’t fit in his lunch bag, so he drank bottled water. All the time.

Then one day he said he took a drink of water and it felt like the water fell on rocks. A couple of months later we went to the doctor.

March 27, 2017, he had an endoscopy and April 11, 2017, and we got the news that he has Esophageal Cancer Stage 3c? (No research I have seen has a stage 3c it’s stage 4) and they might as well had just have given him a death sentence. The survival rate for Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer is not good. It was already in his lymph nodes.
They set him up for Chemo at Florida Hospital Altamont in April 2017.

Esophageal Cancer and Chemo  

He started drinking my water. Every day. On his own… 🙂
He took anti-nausea pills and went in for his chemo and continued to work full-time and the second or third chemo trip he forgot to take his pills and did the chemo anyway and didn’t get sick. From that time on, he no longer needed anti-nausea pills and he kept working full-time. Okay, that is a big deal. 72 years old working full-time and having chemo. He had heavy doses of chemo twice a week and came home with a pump full of chemo once a week.
Well, time marches on and he is still doing chemo and working full-time and July 13, 2017, my Dad passed.
Aug 1, 2017, my husband was taken off chemo, after 4 1/2 months and was told he needed surgery now to remove it the rest of it.

It, the Cancer was just like a little Mamma and would of more babies, he said…lol so we have to remove it.

We called him Dr. Happy and he was, always happy, and positive, and no two ways about it…we will cure him…(Really, a 72-year-old man with esophagel cancer. Really.)



Esophageal Cancer & Open Heart Surgery?

Aug 24, 2017, we went to an interview with the Surgeon at Florida Hospital Celebration and he set up tests that Lou had to pass before surgery.
Well now, before I go on I want you all to no my husband never had GERD or acid reflux, he was not a candidate for Esophageal Cancer and now he failed the stress test!!!
Again, he never had shortness of breath, swollen legs, chest pains. Again, not a candidate for heart problems but Sept 25, 2017, he had to have a Trippe By-Pass at Florida Hospital South… Until the Doctor came out and told us he had to do a Quadruple By-Pass!!!

Again, he was healthy until he wasn’t.
He came home from the South Hospital and was down for a couple of weeks, still drinking the water and 5 weeks in and he wanted to go back to work. But the doctor wouldn’t sign off on him going back to work just yet.
It was 8 weeks and two days after his By-Pass surgery, came the cancer surgery.



Cancer Surgery

So, for the cance surgery, he had to stop eating on the 19th of Nov and he went into surgery on Nov 22, 2017. One of the most beautiful Hospitals in Central Florida. 
This was the start of a living hell that I would not wish on anyone, ever.

To be contuned…



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