Is there a difference in Alkaline Water and Alkalizing Water? Kangen is the Only True Alkalizing Water System in the Whole Wide World.

Alkalizing Water Essence of Life
Alkalizing Water Essence of Life

 Alkaline or Alkalizing Water?

 Is there difference in Alkaline Water and Alkalizing Water?

 You know you can make Alkaline Water a lot of different ways.  You can add any one of these into your tap Water and you have Alkaline Water.

#1. Baking Soda

#2. Fresh Lemons

#3. Alkaline Drops

Or you can buy an iON Alkaline Water machine that creates Alkaline Water. And there is lot’s of them out there also.

Or you can get an Alkalizing Water Machine. One that Creates Alkalizing Water? Think about that, Alkalizing…Alkalizing Body
There is the One and Only one Enagic Kangen Water System. This is the Only True Alkalizing Water System because it makes ERW, Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

ERW Electrolyzed Reduced Water goes through electricity and turns the cluster of water cells into individual Micro cells that allows the penetration to help your body heal itself.

This is Live Water. In a container it will live about 48 hours.

 Check out the Kangen Water Demo
It is truly Alkalizing. From the time your tap water goes into the SD501, it goes through the process and  out of the
nozzle into your bottle and then consumed into your body, into your cells, it is Alkalizing as it goes. It ends up Alkalizing your blood cells which in turn takes the Alkalizing oxygen through your system.
Then Your Body Will Heal Itself, It will be Alkalizing Itself with alkalizing water.

Water is the most abundant compound in the human body, comprising 70+% of the body. The body therefore contains a wide range of solutions and alkalizing your body with food will not work if your water is not alkalizing and you are drinking acidic, like soda or beer. Sadley 😀

Drinking Your Water...No wastes or toxins can leave the body without first being combined with oxygen. More acid means a poorly functioning immune system with less oxygen in the blood, and therefore in your body.  Compare blood with a pH value of 7.45 to blood with a pH value of 7.30, only a difference of 15 hundredths of a pH number.  The blood only 15 hundredths higher contains 64.9% more excess oxygen. It’s a two-way street, the more acid in the body – the less ability the body fluids have to absorb oxygen. The classic spiral down into disease. The more oxygen in the body – the more ability its fluids have to absorb oxygen. The upward spiral of health.

Alkalizing the Body is Oxygenating the Body is a Healthy Body!